1Can I have my own architect design the project?
Yes we are happy to work with designs already being in place.
2What if my architect has missed something will you charge me more?
No we take full responsibility for the design and any complex issues that may occur.
3You say you work on a fixed price contract, can I have extra work if I agree to pay?
Yes of course. You can request additional work and we will cost it before doing it so there are no unwanted surprises at the end.
4How does price match work?
If you have a cheaper quote from a company of a similar size and can provide us with a copy we will match it.
5How do you compete in cost against 2 man build teams?
Our tradesmen specialise in their chosen trade, meaning they are highly skilled and time efficient. We also have large buying power helping us to drive material costs down.
6How does the build start if you don’t require a deposit?
Simple. We will agree a date and start the project within 7 working days from that date.
7I’m looking to get into developing and was wondering how you could help?
We could complete your construction work and/or become a business partner and enter into what is known as a joint venture.

JK Construction built the most beautiful two-storey extension and garage conversion that we required after extending our large family, our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner!!"

David - Tonbridge Wells